• Octopus (fresh or frozen)
  • Fresh basil (1 bunch)
  • Oregano (fresh or dried)
  • Garlic (thinly sliced)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • Vine ripened tomatoes

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You can alter the quantities of this salad to suit the number of people you are feeding.

First chop your octopus into even sized chunks. I prefer to use the tentacles mainly, I discard the head and most of the body. Heat a large saucepan of water and simmer your octopus for 45 minutes – an hour or until tender. Once it is cooked drain the octopus, place in a bowl and coat well with good quality olive oil.

While the octopus is simmering prepare a marinate for the salad. Combine the lemon juice, oregano and the salt and pepper. Once you have drained and coated the octopus with olive oil pour this mixture over it, cover it and place it in the refriderator to cool.

When it is cold chop up your tomatoes (or anything else you would like to put in the salad), rip up your fresh basil and mix them into your salad.

It is now ready to serve. Enjoy!