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Ingredient:  Flour

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In Birthdays, Dessert, French, Other Occasions, Recipes On August 15, 2012 0 Comments

Got given some mini madeleine moulds for my birthday so got busy ! They were just the ticket! Makes approx. 30 Preheat the oven to 190celsius or 375 farenheit or gas mark 5. Lightly grease 30 holes i ... More »

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Cup Cakes

In Baking, Birthdays, British, Dishes, Occasions, Other Occasions, Recipes On July 29, 2012 0 Comments

As you can tell by the picture, I get my 3 year old daughter to help me decorate these. I can’t think of a better way to keep the kids amused and get something back. Try this and see what I mean. You wil ... More »

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Irish Stew

In British, Stew On February 7, 2012 0 Comments

This authentic Irish Stew recipe doesn’t take much preparation time but it makes a really tasty meal. We have prepared it here in the ‘authentic’ way using lamb chops but we also prepared it later with ch ... More »

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Banana pancakes

In Breakfast, Quick & Easy On February 6, 2012 0 Comments

Really easy to make and can be still be made successfully without self raising flour as once tried it when I grabbed wrong jar of flour and realised too late although not as light and fluffy as orginal. May need to do ... More »

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Boeuf Bourguignon

In French, Main Meals, Meat, Stew On February 2, 2012 0 Comments

This is a wonderfully traditional French stew full of fresh herbs, rich gravy, and tender beef. It is one of the most incredible meals you can make with beef chuck and a bottle of pinot noir. Cut bacon into sma ... More »